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Do you unplug on vacation?

Pete Markham
Wikimedia Commons
Traveling by horse and buggy is one way to unplug.

Michigan State University researchers found that vacationers are increasingly staying connected to the office and social media with cell phones, laptops and tablets while away.

From MSU News:

The study showed that people using smart phones have tripled. The study also revealed that wireless use was higher on vacation (40 percent) than at home (25 percent). Also telling, were figures that show that people used the Web more to plan vacations (80 percent) than for work (70 percent).

Yesterday, we posted this question to the Michigan Radio Facebook community:

“When you go on vacation, do you stay connected to work?”

Responses show the wide range of readers' feelings towards technology-filled vacations.

Peter -Yes. Absolutely.

Shelley- Nononononono never!

Though most people said they try to disconnect on vacation, some expressed ambivalence at the thought.

Julie- Yes. It's probably not healthy, but I can't handle the idea of coming back to an inbox full of emails at the end of my vacation. i (sic) worry less if I have an idea of what is going on.

Two stay-at-home moms pointed out that they bring their work along with them on vacation, and some expressed vacation-envy.

Sarah- What's a vacation? Signed, works for a small non profit.

In an All Things Considered story earlier this year, Robert Siegel interviewed Dave Decker, the executive director of the Tri-State (Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois) Tourism Council, who sees an emerging trend of intentionally “unplugged” getaways.

Decker said:

Irish Hollow in the Galena, Illinois, promotes no TV... They will ask if you would like to leave your cell phones and your iPads at the desk. They want you to read, hike, bike, walk, bird watching - things like this that you typically don't do the other five days a week when you're, you know, living the city life.

You can take a listen to the interview here:

- Elaine Ezekiel, Michigan Radio Newsroom


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