Flint mayor accuses former official of capitalizing on city's crisis

May 12, 2016

The city of Flint has hired an attorney to investigate allegations that Flint’s mayor tried to redirect donations from a water crisis fund to another fund she controlled.

The allegation is part of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed earlier this week by Flint’s former city administrator. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver declines to address the allegation, but she does have a few words about the suit.

“I think it’s really sad that someone would take advantage of the city when we’re in a crisis,” Weaver told reporters in Flint.

Flint’s city attorney says a Lansing-area lawyer, who practices immigration law, was chosen by the city to investigate the allegation. City Attorney Stacy Erwin Oakes says lawyer Brendon Basiga was picked because he has not, and likely never will, be hired by the city in any other capacity.

Mayor Weaver says she expects Basiga’s final report will be made public.