Judge refuses to stop certification of Detroit-area votes | Michigan Radio

Judge refuses to stop certification of Detroit-area votes

Nov 13, 2020

Credit Jodi Westrick / Michigan Radio

A judge has refused to stop certification of Detroit-area election results. Wayne County Judge Timothy Kenny rejected arguments that the city's handling of absentee ballots spoiled the count.

It's the third time that a judge has refused to intervene in steps that are necessary to bless the Michigan results. Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump by 146,000 votes.

The lawsuit claims Republican challengers were removed from the TCF Center in Detroit while absentee ballots were being processed. The court filing also alleges that ballots were backdated, signatures on ballot envelopes weren't verified and other irregularities. Election officials deny it.

Kenny took also aim at the fact that the GOP challengers skipped a walk-through and training session at the counting center in Detroit. He said that might have answered concerns raised in the lawsuit.