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Stateside: Michigan unprepared for next recession; students meet to bridge political divide

Sep 28, 2018

Today on Stateside, our political analysts weigh in on a study that suggests Michigan is unprepared for another recession. Then, we talk to a member of a grassroots, campus-based organization working to bridge the American political divide. Plus, the future of plant-based plastics.

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Political roundup: Michigan unprepared for next recession, study shows

  • Political commentator Ken Sikkema joins us to discuss a recent Moody's Analytics report that tests how prepared states are for a moderate recession scenario. Sikkema is a Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector consultants and a former Republican Majority Leader in the Senate.
  • Vicki Barnett brings her perspective to the conversation, analyzing the consequences of not being better prepared for an economic downturn. Barnett is a former Mayor of Farmington Hills and Democratic legislator.

Voter Voices: Michiganders share what issues are most important to them in this election

  • To better understand the issues that are most important to Michigan voters, we've dispatched reporters and producers throughout the state to ask people two questions: What are the most important issues for you as a Michigan voter? What concerns you most about our political climate right now? From now until the election, we'll be bringing you their answers.

UM students work to bridge political divide, foster civil dialogue

  • Evon Yao is the Vice President of Marketing of University of Michigan student group WeListen. She explains how WeListen discussions work, who is invited to particpated, and what the response has been so far. 

New campaign to attract talent to Motor City includes chance to text a Detroiter

  • Whitney Griffin is the President of Detroit Young Professionals. She explains the organization's goal to recruit new talent to the city of Detroit.
  • Sandy Baruah discusses the "Text a Detroiter" campaign, why young professions leave the state, and efforts to increase the percentage of residents who hold a postsecondary degree. Baruah is the CEO of the Detroit Regional Chapter. 

Are plant-based materials a solution to plastic pollution?

  • Danny Ducat explains the science behind the bioplastics that his lab develops. Ducat is an assistant professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Despite long odds, Toledo residents still try to get a Lake Erie Bill of Rights on the ballot

  • Markie Miller is a Toledoans for Safe Water organizer. The group was created after Lucas County Board of Elections rejected a Lake Erie Bill of Rights initiative.

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