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Primary elections are Tuesday. And some ballots have proposals that could affect policing in a few Michigan cities, primarily through a city’s charter. 

A city charter outlines how local governments are structured and how they function. 

In Detroit, residents can vote on Proposal P, which makes sweeping revisions to the current charter in Michigan’s largest city. 

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As the state reopens, city councils are deciding how to proceed after a year of online meetings.

In Detroit, public health officials extended a local state of emergency.

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Today on Stateside, Wayne State University has a low COVID-19 infection rate among Michigan’s major universities. We talk with the school’s president about how the institution has been keeping case numbers down. Also, an activist discusses the ongoing effort to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to people with disabilities in Michigan. Plus, the co-founder of one homegrown restaurant chain talks reopening at a limited capacity.

Michigan Radio is introducing Minutes, a new way for the public to stay informed about local government. The project is designed to provide greater access to happenings in local government, especially in areas that are underserved by local news media.

Minutes from Michigan Radio automatically downloads city council meeting videos as they’re posted. The video file is then converted to audio and available in an easy to find podcast format. The audio from these public meetings is unedited and ad free.

All information from local government meetings is public. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find.

Most cities and counties in Michigan do a decent job of publishing information about these meetings online. But if you go looking for it, you will quickly find yourself in a maze of drop down menus, pdf links and videos that stretch on for hours.

Helping to navigate all this information is a big part of what local news organizations do. But we can’t be everywhere.

So Michigan Radio is trying a new approach.

Today we introduce Minutes, a new project at Michigan Radio to help make public meetings in Michigan more public.

Emma Winowiecki

Minutes is a new project at Michigan Radio to help keep track of what's happening at local government meetings throughout the state. As part of the project, we're providing podcast feeds so you can subscribe and listen to public meetings in your city. Check the list below to find your city, and click the link to listen or subscribe.

If you have problems with any of the podcasts, or you just want to give your feedback, you can email our team at minutes@michiganradio.org. We’d love to hear from you.