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A proposed settlement for many Flint water crisis civil lawsuits took another step forward Wednesday.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed a pair of bills creating the Flint Settlement Trust Fund.  The legislation addresses how the state would handle funding of the $641 million settlement of Flint Water civil cases.

“What happened in Flint should never have happened,” says Whitmer, “While this settlement will never be enough to compensate for what happened, it is a major step toward helping the people of Flint heal.” 

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Today, attorneys filed 10 more individual lawsuits on behalf of children allegedly exposed to lead in Flint’s drinking water.

Attorney Corey Stern specializes in cases involving lead poisoning. He works primarily in New York and New Jersey. He’s working with a team of local attorneys in Flint. They’ve now filed nearly two dozen lawsuits on behalf of 50 Flint children.

The lawsuits are seeking damages from private consulting and engineering companies (Lockwood, Andrews and Newman (LAN), Rowe Engineering and Veolia) involved in the city’s switch to the Flint River.