Stateside: Tick boom is here; Ann Arbor Art Fair reopens; teen mental health podcast | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Tick boom is here; Ann Arbor Art Fair reopens; teen mental health podcast

May 27, 2021

It is not your imagination, ticks are beyond plentiful in Michigan this year. Keep you and your loved ones safe this summer by learning how to identify and remove ticks.
Credit Erik Karits / Unsplash

Today, on Stateside, why a growing population of ticks is invading lower Michigan. Plus, the popular Ann Arbor Art Fair reopens this summer, and artists are lining up to participate. 

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With an abrupt about-face, Ann Arbor Art Fair is officially back on this summer

  • Frances Todoro-Hargreaves is executive director of the State Street District and the State Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor.
  • Lauren deSerres is a mixed medium artist from Pittsboro, North Carolina and will participate in the Ann Arbor Original Art Fair for the first time this year.

The kids are not alright: PBS podcast on mental health puts teens behind the mic

  • Noah Konevitch of Lebanon, Pennsylvania and Zion Williams of Clinton Township, Michigan are highschoolers and co-hosts of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs project On Our Minds with Noah and Zion.

Homeowners and local leaders on opposing sides for short-term rentals legislation

  • Taylor Wizner is the health and tourism reporter for IPR News.

This bites: wide proliferation of dog ticks now in Michigan

  • Jean Tsao, PhD is an associate professor and tick expert, in MSU’s Department of Fisheries and wildlife. She is a collaborator on The Tick App, which includes such features as Tick 101, and tips on tick ID and removal.
  • Howard Russell is an entomologist at Michigan State University.